When is diwali 2021

When is Diwali 2021

When is diwali 2021

Friends, the festival of Diwali is celebrated all over India as well as in different countries of the world.

Because this festival is a very big festival of Hindu religion, many legends are prevalent behind celebrating which we will tell you in this post.

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When is Diwali 2021 –

Although the festival of Diwali falls only in the months of October and November and according to the Hindu calendar, this festival falls in the month of Kartik.

This year the festival of Diwali 2021 is on 4th November that day is Thursday.

And the auspicious time of this festival is between 6 to 9 pm on 4th November, in the meantime all people will worship Lakshmi ji and Ganesh ji and light diyas in their homes.

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Why celebrate Diwali 2021

According to the belief of Hindu Vedas and Puranas, Lord Rama came back to Ayodhya after completing his 14 years of exile in the month of Kartik, and during this period he had put an end to the demon emperor Ravana and his entire clan, which was a symbol of unrighteousness, There was only one person left in the family of Ravana, who was a great devotee of Rama, whose name was Vibhishana.

This belief of celebrating Diwali 2021 is most popular.

How many days festival is Diwali 2021

Diwali festival is of 3 to 4 days.

Which we will tell you through the following points –

1. Dhanteras –

The first day of Diwali is of Dhanteras, on this day everyone takes gold and silver jewelery with money for Diwali worship, and also buys new items for the house.

Lord Dhanvantari is worshiped on this day and in the evening a lamp is also lit at the main entrance of the house, on this day people also buy brooms for cleaning the house which is worshiped on the night of Diwali.

2. Choti Diwali or Narak Chaudas –

The second day of Diwali is known as Choti Diwali, on this day Lord Krishna killed Narakasura, from the same day Chhoti Diwali is known as Naraka Chaudas.

Yamraj ji is also worshiped on this day and a four-faced lamp in his name is lit outside the house, so that all the people of the house can remain free from the fear of premature death for a year.

3. Diwali 2021

The third day of Diwali is known as Diwali, on this day all the people worship Lakshmi ji, Saraswati ji, Ganesh ji and Kuber ji so that there is wealth in their house throughout the year.

After Diwali worship, all people light lamps in their house and on the terrace and also light candles so that there is no darkness in any corner of the house.

Then everyone also bursts firecrackers whose smoke kills small insects, mosquitoes etc.

4. Bhaiya Dooj –

This is the 4th day of Diwali, on this day all the sisters do tilak to their brothers and pray to God that they also have a long life.

On this day in the morning, everyone also makes Govardhan ji of cow dung and worships him.

This is how the festival of Diwali is celebrated.

Children are very happy on this festival because they get to eat many different types of sweets and they burst crackers with their friends.

When is Diwali 2021 In this article you have learned that when is Diwali 2021 this year, if you have any question in your mind then you can contact us.

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