What is Rivian (stock rivian price today)

rivian stock price prediction 2025

What is Rivian (stock rivian price today)

Rivian Automotive is an American electric vehicle company, founded in June 2009 by R. J Scoring was done. Rivian is headquartered in Irvine, California.buy stock rivian
Rivian Automotive’s main objective is to manufacture Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs). Recently, Rivian has also built an electric delivery van for Amazon.
Since Rivian has several branches, the company is looking to build a new factory in Georgia, which will cost US$5 billion.
In September 2021, Rivian(rivian stock symbol) was the first company to bring a fully electric pickup to the consumer market, which defeated big companies such as Ford and Tesla. The company received US$13.5 billion when it launched its IPO on 10 November 2021.
There will be many investors and traders among all of you who would like to know how Rivian stock will be valued in the future.

Rivian Stock Profile

Valuation Measures Value/Price
Market Cap                                    29.25 B
Enterprise Value                             3.93 B
52-Week High                               179.47 USD
52-Week Low                                 19.25 USD
S&P500 52-Week Change –           18.08%
Price/Sales (TTM)                            84.53
Price/Book (MRQ)                           1.05
Enterprise Value/Revenue               71.37
Enterprise Value/EBITDA –               0.88
50/200 Day Moving Average         $29.92 / $57.98

Rivian Stock Price Prediction, 2023

According to our forecast, the value of Rivian stock in the year 2023 can remain in the range of $123-$157. This is because Rivian is focusing on continuously improving its production rate.

Rivian Stock Price Forecast Year 2025

The value of Rivian stock is expected to be $185—$2360.45 in the year 2025. This is because as the price of crude oil increases, people will be attracted towards green energy. Due to which the demand for EV cars will increase day by day, if Rivian can meet this demand, then there is a possibility of increasing the value of the stock.
Last year, Rivian entered into a deal with Amazon that will provide 100,000 electric delivery vans to Rivian Amazon, a deal that will give the company a push.

Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2030

If we talk about the year 2030, then it may be that in the year 2030, the value of Rivian stock is likely to be from $745 to 845.
As we know that Rivian is a vehicle manufacturer, in the same way its rival Tesla is also a vehicle manufacturer, whose Cyber ​​truck garnered a lot of accolades. Similarly, some of Rivian’s products include the R1T truck which is available in three battery variants namely -105 kWh, 135 kWh and 180 kWh with a minimum average of 230 miles(370 km) and a maximum range of 400 miles (643.74 km).
And talking about other products, it has R1S. Since the company is providing services for many years. So, this has also increased the confidence of the people.

Let’s talk about some questions like –

Should I Buy Rivian Stock?

Yes, according to our forecast, Rivian is a good stock with a market cap of $28.13 Billion.

And as the demand for EVs will increase in the times to come, those who start early at the time of revolution are more likely to succeed.

Tesla is a big company, so will Rivian be able to stand in front of it in the market?

See, even though Tesla is a big company in the market cap, but the kind of growth Rivian is doing, then there is every possibility that Rivian will be able to stand in front of Tesla in the market.

Is Rivian a better stock than Tesla?

If we talk about Tesla’s market cap of $599.43 billion, which is more than Rivian’s market cap, but if you look at it from an investor’s perspective, Rivian is a rising sun and Tesla a rising sun.

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Rivian is a brand of which country?

Rivian is an American brand.

Where does Rivian stock trade?

Rivian trades on the NASDAQ.

Why is Rivian Stock so worth it now?

Talking about the present time, the company is currently facing problems regarding its production. This is the reason the company is going to set up a new factory in Georgia so that future concerns can be dealt with because if the company can deliver cars in the market then the company’s profit will also be reduced, which will see a considerable decline in the share value.

What’s the prediction for Rivian stock (stock rivian price prediction) –

The stock’s forecast for the year 2022 is $45 to $70.
The price forecast for Rivian stock for the year 2025 is $188 to $247.
Rivian stock price forecast for the year 2030 is $745 to $845.
The Rivian stock price forecast for the year 2040 is around 1500.

Looking at the current situation, will Rivian stock recover?

Yes, Rivian stock will be fine in future because Rivian company is continuously increasing its production capacity which will increase stock rivian price in coming time.buy stock rivian

Is Rivian Stock a publicly traded company?

Yes, the company is a publicly traded company and is registered on NYSE with code RIVN.

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